• 3 days
  • Exiting tour through the city
  • Plus lunch every day
  • 300€


  • 2 weeks
  • Different locations on Cuba
  • Flights included
  • 1999€


  • 1 month road trip
  • Car included
  • Flights included
  • 4500€


As much as its great monuments – the Colosseum, St Peter’s Basilica, the Pantheon – what I love about Rome are its details: the cobbled lanes and hidden corners, the vivid colours, the aroma of freshly ground coffee wafting out of its cafes. Rome's streets and piazzas are an endless source of entertainment and, as a history buff, I get a real kick when I think of all the legendary events that have taken place here. Rome is also a fabulous place to eat and drink well.


Australia plates up a multicultural fusion of European techniques and fresh Pacific-rim ingredients – aka 'Mod Oz' (Modern Australian). Seafood plays a starring role − from succulent Moreton Bay bugs to delicate King George whiting. Of course, beer in hand, you'll still find beef, lamb and chicken at Aussie barbecues. Don't drink beer? Australian wines are world-beaters: punchy Barossa Valley shiraz, Hunter Valley semillon and cool-climate Tasmanian sauvignon blanc. Tasmania produces outstanding whisky too.



Tiffany says...

Teena and I immensely enjoyed the tour, guide and the company of many friends. The hotel accommodations and the meals were superb. The Lake Crossings to Argentina and the Iguassu Falls were spectacular views. We plan to take China and Egypt tours with Travellers soon. We have been talking to many of our friends to join us in 2017 vacation adventure with Travellers, who makes exciting excellent arrangements.

Jim says...

We just came back from the best Turkey trip. What an amazing experience. They said they are the biggest museum in the world, and probably they are. Every place we went to, we learnt about the history behind it, as our guide, Isa was very knowledgeable of his culture and country. The driver was always helpful and courteous. The only down part is that it was too short. Definitely going back to build and share more amazing experiences.

Jenna says...

From day one the communication and all documentation was excellent, on a scale from 1 – 10, I give you a 20. It couldn't have been better. Every question or concern was explained in detail and I always knew what to expect throughout the entire trip from the boarding of the Air China Flight in LA to getting back to LA after the trip was over. I wouldn't change a thing. We had enough free time and time with guides